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County Date
Parent County County Seat Contact
Adams 1885 Stark Hettinger adopt me!!
Barnes 1875 Cass Valley City adopt me!!
Benson 1883 Ramsey Minnewaukan Tim Stowell
Billings 1879 Unorganized territory Medora adopt me!!
Bottineau 1873 Unorganized territory Bottineau adopt me!!
Bowman 1883 Billings Bowman adopt me!!
Burke 1910 Ward Bowbells adopt me!!
Burleigh  1873 Buffalo (Discontinued) Bismarck adopt me!!
Cass 1873 Original County Fargo Paula
Cavalier 1873 Pembina Langdon Tim Stowell
Dickey 1881 LaMoure Ellendale adopt me!!
Divide 1910 Williams Crosby adopt me!!
Dunn 1883 Howard (Discontinued) Manning Tim Stowell
Eddy 1885 Foster New Rockford adopt me!!
Emmons 1879 Unorganized territory Linton adopt me!!
Foster 1873 Pembina Carrington adopt me!!
Golden Valley 1912 Billings Beach Tim Stowell
Grand Forks 1873 Pembina Grand Forks adopt me!!
Grant 1916 Morton Carson adopt me!!
Griggs 1881 Foster Cooperstown adopt me!!
Hettinger 1883 Stark Mott Tim Stowell
Kidder 1873 Buffalo (Discontinued) Steele adopt me!!
La Moure 1873 Pembina La Moure adopt me!!
Logan 1873 Buffalo (Discontinued) Napolean Tim Stowell
McHenry 1873 Buffalo (Discontinued) Towner adopt me!!
McIntosh 1883 Logan Ashley Tim Stowell
McKenzie 1883 Howard Watford City Gerald Bartram
McLean 1883 Stevens Washburn adopt me!!
Mercer 1875 Original territory Stanton adopt me!!
Morton 1873 Original territory Mandan adopt me!!
Mountrail 1873 Ward Stanley adopt me!!
Nelson 1883 Foster, Grand Forks Lakota adopt me!!
Oliver 1885 Mercer Center adopt me!!
Pembina 1867 Indian Lands (Dakota) Cavalier Paula
Pierce 1887   Rugby Tim Stowell
Ramsey 1873 Pembina Devil's Lake adopt me!!
Ransom 1873 Pembina Lisbon adopt me!!
Renville 1873 Duel, Pembina Mohall adopt me!!
Richland 1873 Original county Wahpeton Tim Stowell
Rolette  1873 Buffalo (Discontinued) Rolla adopt me!!
Sargent 1883 Ransom Forman adopt me!!
Sheridan 1873 Buffalo (Discontinued) McClusky adopt me!!
Sioux 1915 . Fort Yates adopt me!!
Slope 1915 Billings Amidon adopt me!!
Stark 1879 Unorganized territory Dickinson adopt me!!
Steele 1883 Original county Finley adopt me!!
Stutsman 1873 Pembina Jamestown adopt me!!
Towner  1883 Rolette Cando adopt me!!
Traill 1875 Grand Forks Hillsboro Tim Stowell
Walsh 1881 Grand Forks Grafton adopt me!!
Ward 1885 Renville Minot adopt me!!
Wells 1873 Sheridan Fessenden adopt me!!
Williams 1890 Mountrail Williston adopt me!!

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